Sneaker Fest At Xavier University Spring Fest 3/28!

We’ve Been Around! We’ve Just Been Underground! Back Again & If You’re Reading This, Thank You For Your Support!

We would love to see as many shoe collectors to come out and showcase what’s been hidden in their closets. It’s all in good fun, art, culture, trading, buying, and selling, and entertainment, so continue to support the Been On Kicks movement.

Definitely a meet and greet and something positive for New Orleans it’s locals. New Orleans has gotten the recognition of corporate sneaker sellers such as FootLocker Inc. with House of Hoops opening two new locations less than 10 miles from each other. The numbers don’t lie, and we are here to continually leave our mark as not newcomers, but underground sneaker aficionados. We’ve been around, we’ve just been underground, and now we’re expanding more into the digital world to leave our mark, because we’ve had such a great impact already by word of mouth.

This year will be another interesting one, and bouncing back from a New Orleans hosted All Star Weekend, we will keep this culture going by throwing our Sneaker Art Expo during Xavier’s SpringFest Alumni Basketball Game in Xavier’s Convocation Center. Friday, March 28th, 2014 is the official date of Been On Kicks event, and it will take place from 6:00pm – 10:00pm. There will also be an official celebration party following outside of the Xavier Convocation Center. Look forward to an enjoying evening, full of entertainment and creativity. We look forward to your support with Been On Kicks.

We also realize that with the Sneaker Culture breeds many brands, so we would love to see plenty vendors supporting us once again. We welcome all types of companies, so let’s make history once again. We also make Sneaker Art a huge part of our event, so to all the different types of artists out there that the Sneaker Culture inspires, we want you to join us as well.

Xavier has been very supportive of this movement, and we appreciate them as we want to continue expanding, as we are surely cultural leaders for our region with this type of production. The way Xavier’s Convocation Center is set up will help keep focus on our Sneaker Show no matter what seat you have in the house. As soon as you walk through the door to as soon as you walk up the staircase, to the view upstairs, all you will see are Sneakers. At the same time, it’s also great that we will not be blocking any view of the game in the process.

This event isn’t for a certain age or for a certain demographic because when it comes to sneakers, it attracts people from all places who share the appreciation for footwear. It’s surprising to see how the variation of cultures are combined with bringing sneakers up, and we’re excited to continue showcasing what’s in store. We’re developing a world unheard of, so we’re bringing our rendition of sneaker culture New Orleans style. New Orleans is already known for it’s food, partying, and entertainment, but now we want to add another hot topic and bring fashion footwear into the mix.

Even if you are clueless about how popular the sneaker culture is, then this would be the perfect time for you to explore what’s in store. To see people crazed over a pair of shoes, for them to know the history behind the shoe, to know the upkeep and care that they put into their shoes, to hear the passion from people when they express the interest about their shoes, and to know how exclusive and high priced some of these shoes go for is something quite interesting to witness. For some people they might finally get a chance to see certain exclusive shoes in person so they come, for some people they might finally get the chance to discover a pair of shoes actually in their size that they have been looking for that someone in attendance is selling, and other set up in hopes to finally find buyers for an overstock or a change of heart for some shoes that they have.

When it comes to the art, we have people that actually have an inspiration for these sneaker inspired pieces, so they’re houses’ are artistically adorned in a media of art that relates to them, and for the artist, it gets their work noticed, and it gets them paid. There are many people that put in hours of their life making their sneaker inspired pieces come to life, and to finally have a place for that to work out and to actually have people appreciate their hard work is a thrill seeking experience.

If There Are Any Type of Questions or Comments for Us About Our SneakerART Expo on 3/28 Then Please Email or visit or Call/Text (504)-810-2887


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