New Orleans Power 102.9 Queen of the Party Station: Downtown Lesli Brown Mardi Gras 2K14

Mardi Gras 2014 brought continuous rain, and unexpected cold weather that didn’t keep their normal massive crowd, but that didn’t stop Zulu from starting on time and giving the people what they expect to see. In lieu of the rainy weather on Fat Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, members of the Krewe of Zulu, as well as other additions to the parade such as the school bands, other clubs, the Mayor, Mitch Landrieu – who led the New Orleans police vanguard on horseback, which started Zulu – and a host of radio stations including Power 102.9’s own Downtown Lesli Brown kept the Zulu parade alive.

Downtown Lesli Brown was accompanied by 106.7 riding in the truck before her with her mother Claudia throwing Mardi Gras goodies. The official Power 102.9 truck included Captain Chris McCall – driving –  and her daughter Taylor, accompanying her to toss Mardi Gras goodies to all in attendance during the Zulu parade. Downtown Lesli Brown’s official street team, Alexis and Kelli, walked the entire Zulu parade with her to toss Mardi Gras goodies and to capture the great moments that occurred during Zulu, as well as to promote her “I Choose Peace” movement that will be evolving in the months to come.

Downtown Lesli Brown gives so much energy to the crowd, as many are calling on her name to capture her attention, to give a hug, to grab some beads, and some to even take a picture. Because the parade rolls with very few stops, she wasn’t able to give much time, but she left plenty with big smiles on their faces from her brief interaction. Loved by so many, the rain and cold weather did not slow her down at all. It continued to be one large party, and by no surprise, she showed why she’s Queen of the party station, Power 102.9.

Downtown Lesli Brown showed off her dance moves, ran to the crowds to take pictures with people supporting not only her, but her “I Choose Peace” movement, and tossed plenty beads with so much enthusiasm, and the deserving crowd appreciated all of her personality. There were so many fans that came up just to say how much they loved something about her, it made tossing beads in the rain no hassle at all. Carnival time is always so exciting, and for brief moments of entertaining parade enthusiasts that enjoy not only the Krewe of Zulu but other favorites of New Orleans including Power 102.9s Downtown Lesli Brown, makes for a memorable day.

Downtown Lesli Brown not only paraded through the streets of New Orleans with the Krewe of Zulu, but she hosted one of the most entertaining during the day celebration of Mardi Gras, which is being “Under the Bridge on North Claiborne and Orleans. There were various artists that perform, and there are many by passers that collect themselves around their stage and the busy streets of New Orleans to walk and view all in attendance. Mardi Gras is an exciting time, and it remained exciting despite the upset weather, so stay tuned for plenty pictures, and more video footage of how Power 102.9s Downtown Lesli Brown spent her Mardi Gras 2K14.


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