@BeenOnKicks Next SneakerFest iS March 28th at Xavier University Convocation Center Arena

This is throwback video from one of our previous Sneaker events by Been On Kicks ! This has been a very exciting journey that we have been on, and we are looking forward to more things involved within this sneaker culture. New Orleans has showed love, but now we need even more love, and from other surrounding cities.

Support for the love of the shoes, and the excitement that it gives to you. You may not understand sneakers, but if you appreciate footwear, then you can relate. This is our art, this is our passion, and we want to express that in more modern ways, and project our creativity. There are more and more people turning this passion for shoes into a full time business, and this is just the beginning. We support a lot of people but we back MKTP, My Kicks The Passion, because they want to see us all win. There is no further competition unlike many others. We know that there is room to grow if we only support each other, so that is the focus, and it’s the motive behind the many things that we intend to pursue.

Just make sure that on Friday, March 28th, 2014, that you’re at Xavier University’s Convocation Center supporting us for our SneakerFest during XU’s SpringFest Alumni Basketball Game! Check out www.beenonkicks.com & visit us under other social networks @BeenOnKicks #BeenOnKicks


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