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New Orleans is a place where life is seen as one big celebration, so we figured that it’s time to add something else to our festivities. We’re striving to continually express our deep appreciation for the city of New Orleans by capturing a youthful, ongoing experience of new talent and creative outlets.. It’s more than just shoes, because you have to put effort into every aspect of your appearance. Clothes are walking conversations. Of course the laws of fashion and self expression extend to a person’s choice of shoe wear. For those of us who have much to say, our conversations spill over into out styles, and trickle down to our sneakers. Basically, an artist with much to say, like me and my art, my sneaker collection speaks volumes.

Our Sneaker Lifestyle

~ PROFASHIONAL ~The Person ~ Lifestyle ~ Expectations ~ Fashionable Sense ~

          It’s one thing to wear the newest trend, but quite another to create your own category. A true profashional uses creative common sense to encourage a new cultural difference – it’s why we’re on the top plateau.

        Who needs you if you’re just ordinary or average…? The lack of fashion knowledge – on any respectable level – can render the most sophisticated person dull and useless, so it’s why they would call upon a real profashional.

          We’re creating a social networking platform for users to cheer each other on. Each and every individual, no matter what field you’re studying, there is a place to put your magic touches into my vision, you just have to be open to new possibilities, while hopefully becoming increasingly self-directed in your continuous journey of exploration.

          We would just like to let lovely young people know that no matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, style is one of the most powerful ways of branding yourself. It’s what great business people are all about, and whether you’re a chef, music composer, dancer, a writer, whatever, you’re clothes should match your situation, your mood, and your status.

          You only have a moment to make an impression these days, and personal appearance is going to do a lot of the talking – young people should really know. (Example. Scuffed, banged up shoes are an instant image-buster, and people notice it right away – even being wrinkled, stains – it’s not a style, and it truly degrades you.) When you see someone, you decide if they’re lame or popular, cute or ugly, worthy enough to be around you, all types of stuff; so keep yourselves up to par, because someone’s always watching, and the critics are heartless.

          The expectations for young artists, of all mediums, should be high on our own, if not already higher than what surrounding people should expect. Of all the things we wear, our expression is the most important, so try and remember to project the look that you want people to see.

          Be curious, and always bring the passion. Remember to use originality, because it takes you over the top, so surprise yourself. Originality starts in the gut where all life emanates, so band together, and we can use each other to move forward on our own successful journeys. So the sooner you add your own flavor to any technique, the better, and it’s the more you are developed.

          Folks want to be wowed by you, and even though we all might not be taught the same things, we each perceive things differently. So if you don’t powerfully project your personality, and your style out to the world through everything you do, then none of your hard work will ever matter.

          Particularly fashion focused because it’s all around us. Whether it’s adults dressing professionally, kids in uniforms, athletes in athletic gear, your personal casual fashion features, it all states who you are, what you’re doing, how you might feel, and possibly where you’re going in life.

          Life is a fashion show in which to style the clothes in a context that the designer never expected, because an artist’s vision needs to be seen. It’s not a written rule that from head to toe, you need to have the exact same brand(s) on, color scheme(s), or season(s). A stylist should coordinate by how you fluctuate, and in various versions, and in various layers. 

         Clothes, accessories, etc.,  articulates a bit of the characteristics and interests of the person wearing them. Before selecting an outfit for the day, you are a blank canvas, and like an artist, you choose colors, textures, and graphics that best describe your mood, emotion and statement for the day. The best artist creates an experience.

         Fashion gets just that deep, and even beyond all that, because it’s art in motion. Clothes and accessories aren’t something to hide behind, but used as an extra layer of armor that should help you create an image of your true identity that you would wished to be judged upon by society.

         It’s different, and at times, weird, and unexplainable, but popular and eye-catching at the same time. Fashion is a form of self-expression. Before you even open your mouth, your fashion sense starts off your first impression, so you had better look good.

Definition: ( ADD this WEBSTER)



1.) An individual who has and shows great skill and expertise in their style, type of dress, socializing skills, etiquette, mannerisms, personal and cultural customs, along with their entire appearance and personal aura.


 2.) Being an influential model and of the social elite possessing an admired stylish mindset in clothes, physical cosmetics, and behavior both inside and out with an implied popularity, or with a widespread acceptance

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